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CareEx: Extended Family Caregivers of Persons with Dementia

This project aims to understand the experiences, needs, and challenges of grandchildren, brothers, sisters, nieces/nephews, and step-family caregivers of relatives with dementia through telephone interviews.

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Participant Testimonial reads, "Participating was very easy. I found it introspective. I did not realize how little time I took for myself. I sat down with my family and we mapped out a way for everyone to help me out on a more regular basis."
Participant Testimonial reads, "It felt good to have a person to share with whom didn't criticize. It made me think a lot there is no wrong answer. Every day is different. I am glad these folks take time to do these studies. May not effect our loved one, I feel it will in the future."
Participant Testimonial reads, "I have already referred a friend to the study and how the interviews proceed. The questions are well thought out and the labelling of emotions were thought provoking for me. Lesley was a joy and carefully listened."

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CareEx is funded by the National Institute on Aging and is approved by the Virginia Tech IRB. Grant #R01AG069818; IRB# 20-742